How to Freshen Up Your Work From Home Space

Couches as makeshift chairs. Kitchen tables as desks. Hourly trips to the fridge.

Sound familiar?

If you’re one of the millions of humans working from home right now, I feel you. My husband and I would dream of the day we get to both be home and “do what we want”. Well, the reality is, it’s not only not that productive, but also not that dreamy.

So if you’ve already cleaned the cupboards twice, painted the walls, scrubbed the tub… here’s a simple way to add a fresh perspective on your work from home situation.

You’ve heard that plants make people happy, right?

It’s simply, really. Plants have a way to transform a room; whether it be a little cactus in the windowsill, or a massive monstera taking up the living room corner, adding a plant (or two) to your space will completely change your mood.


Our homes come in all shapes and sizes, but I truly believe that wherever you find your new “desk” these days, there’s a plant that will help perk up your spirits.

*Psssst: all these plants are low maintenance and beginner friendly!

Basement apartments can make cozy homes for some houseplants, too. For spaces like these that often have low, minimal sunlight, don’t fear bringing a snake plant home.

These plants are known to be extremely durable and thrive best on a “leave me alone” mantra. Water monthly (no really, once a month is plenty) and enjoy having a new air purifier by your side.

Of all the plants, aloe vera just seems like the perfect fit if you’re finding yourself set up at the kitchen table. This plant loves bright light (hello, I’m from the desert after all), and you won’t have to worry about caring for it too often as it only needs to be watered sparingly. One of the best things? You can cut off a stem of aloe to put in your water, smoothies, on your skin or in your shampoo.

At times like these, we can all use a little more strong protective energy. Cacti are said to bring calm, zen energy and their mystical spines and funny shapes help us concentrate and increate productivity. For small spaces, popping a little cactus beside your laptop while you work could bring all the good juju.

Pothos deserve all the attention; that’s why we recommend having one of these in bachelor apartments. The open concept nature of these spaces makes an ideal spot for a pothos, because you can see it from every angle. Place it high up on a shelf, or have it cascading down a macrame plant hanger - either way, you’ll love watching these guys grow.

Pileas are the plant that keep on giving. These guys quickly grow buds that sprout from the mother root, making it the perfect plant to propagate and gift. If you find yourself back at mom and dads, grab a pilea to grow together and eventually share. It’s also meant to bring good financial luck — bonus!

With both a silly name and non-toxic nature, a spider plants is the one to buy if you have two-legged and four-legged kiddos at home. These plants are quite inexpensive due to the fact that they grow and multiply so quick. Spring is here, so what better time than now to teach your kids the benefits of plants while you’re stuck at home.

All plants bring some sort of insane health benefit: from purifying the air to absorbing bad odours, but if you find yourself in a situation where you’re not at full-health, a monstera may be the plant to have by your side. In Chinese symbolism, monstera’s are said to bring long life and health. The unique shape of the leaves, leaf size, and bright green colour all aid in boosting your mood, reducing stress and reduce noise levels.

If we’re going to be home, we might as well make our living spaces the coziest, greenest, healthiest spaces we possibly can. Adding plants is an affordable, easy, and soulful way to life the mood in any space.

Where do I buy these plants? As many local nurseries may be closed during this time, look out for small businesses that sell are selling plants online. There are even grow kits available (from Lost + Found TO) if you’re looking to start from scratch. If you’re in the Toronto area, message Kate at Bolt and Rally — we may be able to hook you up with a plant, too!

stay safe and healthy, planties!

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